About Us

The disease

Malaria is a parasitic disease that infects 200 million people worldwide every year and results in about 400 000 deaths with the greatest impact recorded in Sub-Saharan African regions.

The brand

NoBuzz® is a brand of textile based long lasting insect repellent products. These products are made from yarn manufactured using the Bi-KoTM technology. This revolutionary yarn is specially engineered to store high amounts of liquid-repellent actives which are then released at a slow rate in a controlled manner. This innovative technology allows us to increase the residual effectiveness of the repellents from a few hours to the order of many months providing protection from insects for extended periods of time.


The Bi-KoTM technology was developed by a group of scientist from the University of Pretoria with over 8 years in malaria control research. The scientific output of this development work has been published in an international high impact peer reviewed journal.


NoBuzz products are fully manufactured in South Africa using locally available raw materials except for the insect repellent active which is sourced from Merck GmbH in Germany.

Our technology

The products are manufactured using the patented Bi-KoTM slow release technology that slowly releases a safe and effective insect repellent over an extended period of time.



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